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Understanding Leadership, Communicating Electively, Making Group Decisions, Building Communities Through Collaboration, and Leading Community Change led by UGA/ Fanning Institute-trained facilitators are the curriculum features five core modules of Pulaski Tomorrow.



Pulaski Tomorrow is designed to provide opportunities to learn and practice leadership, citizenship and life skills that empower graduates to become capable and productive members of society.

Graduates of Pulaski Tomorrow have moved into a number of community roles with organizations including:

  • Archway Steering Committee
  • Arts Council
  • Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  • Middle Georgia Military Aairs Group
  • Teen Maze Leadership Committee
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Public Authorities Training
  • Deacons & Stewards Association
  • Rivers Alive
  • Pulaski County Middle School
  • Better Hometown
  • Pulaski County Fire Department

Leadership development not only serves to empower individuals to expand their sphere of influence in their local communities and daily lives, but it also serves as the transformative impetus for meaningful community and economic development.

Individuals become empowered to actively participate in their respective communities in new capacities—by serving in elected office, on boards, authorities, and in other advisory roles.Members of previous graduating classes partnered with the Ocmulgee Order to raised funds for Pulaski County Sheri’s Department and each of its deputies to have their own individual suits of body armor. Leadership Day 2012, Chairman Harley Lawson spoke on behalf of Pulaski Tomorrow and Georgia’s local leadership programs at this year’s Leadership Day held at the State Capitol.

Pulaski Tomorrow began as an initiative of the Pualski County Archway Partnership Executive Committee to cultivate new leaders through a progressive outreach curriculum encouraging civic investment and developing untapped leaders for the future of the community.

The Pulaski Tomorrow curriculum features five core modules (Understanding Leadership, Communicating Effectively, Making Group Decisions, Building Communities Through Collaboration, and Leading Community Change led by UGA/ Fanning Institute-trained facilitators) and upon completion of the intensive five month program, graduates will receive a diploma recognizing this accomplishment from UGA’s Fanning Institute.

The Fanning Institute’s Community Leadership Program Curriculum is designed to develop knowledgeable, skilled, committed, and action-oriented community leaders.



Youth Leadership


A collaborative effort between The Hawkinsville/Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce, The University or Georgia Cooperative Extension Agency, The Pulaski County Board of Education and several other businesses and organizations. Youth Leadership Pulaski County (YLPC) will be one of about 15 youth leadership development programs in Georgia. It is patterned after adult organizations like Leadership Pulaski and Leadership Georgia. THE MISSION

An on-going annual youth leadership development program will make for a better informed citizen with a greater awareness of issues and a better ability to step forward as future leaders in government business and in service.


The Hawkinsville and Pulaski County infrastructure–its government, economy, quality of life –has the potential of achieving significant strides in the decades ahead. However, it is imperative that young men and women, our future leaders, be made aware of the issues and problems that are having a critical impact upon the future.


Students enrolled in grades 10-12 are eligible for participation in YLPC. About 12 participants are selected after consideration of their proven and potential leadership abilities. An effort is made to have classes reflect the diversity of the community. The program will run from September through May.

Using the Youth Leadership In Action:: A Community Focus curriculum of the University of Georgia Fanning Leadership Center, sessions are based upon the components or a three-phase model:

  •  Individual Leadership/Personal Skills –Students will examine the leader as an individual and will work to develop their own personal enhancement plans.
  • Collective Leadership/Group Skills –Students explore working with others to, achieve common goals and objectives.
  • Community Leadership/Community Skills – Students will analyze community needs, issues, and problems as well as seek possible solutions.


Students will meet regularly in complete the session, usually after school or on Saturdays. There may be an occasional school day session. A Saturday retreat will be the start of the program followed by sessions concentrating on the following: local and state government, the arts, area business and the economy, social issues, team building, law enforcement, the military and agriculture. The group will also choose and complete a volunteer project. Local business will be encouraged to promote this program through donations and by hosting sessions. No more than two absences are allowed, after the second absence, the student will be withdrawn from the program.


A selection committee of business leaders and teachers will review the applications and nominations and then conduct interviews as necessary. The inaugural class selection may vary as deemed necessary.

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