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ComSouth Telecommunications, headquartered in Hawkinsville, Georgia, offers a hometown feeling with a state-of-the-art technology. With local, old time customer-service, your business will receive high end customer service with your best interest at heart. Offering a full range of services, ComSouth has 64.5 miles of fiber optic cable and numerous T1 lines. ComSouth Telecommunications provides everything from service operators and the Internet, to alarm system monitoring and calling cards.

ComSouth’s DMS 500 Supernode switches, broadband, T1 and ADSL services have become a catalyst for a variety of local industries to expand and prosper in the knowledge economy. Hawkinsville has one of the only 250 Central Office Switches in Georgia.  ComSouth also has full route diversity in its long haul transmissions routes (SONET Ring).


The health of Pulaski County Citizens is very important. There is a great health care system that wants employees and customers of all businesses to maintain optimal health.  Taylor Regional Hospital provides healthcare services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers through a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Taylor Regional Hospital is a patient-centered, integrated health care provider which consistently provides a better experience for patients, employees, physicians, and payers.


Pulaski County and surrounding areas have great educational systems with public and private schools, 2 and 4-year colleges and universities, great child care centers, and other youth programs.

Logistics Feature Map

Click the pins on the map or zoom in to learn more about the logistics points of interest in relation to the City of Hawkinsville and Pulaski County.  

Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport

Hawkinsville is 120 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Robins Air Force Base

Hawkinsville is 20 Minutes from Robins Air force Base–the largest industrial complex in the State of Georgia.

Macon, Georgia

Hawkinsville is 40 miles from Macon and access to:

  • Commercial Air Service
  • Norfold Southern Piggyback Service

Albany, Georgia

Hawkinsville is 72 miles from the City of Albany.

Columbus, Georgia

Hawkinsville is 104 miles from Columbus, Georgia.

Savannah and the Port of Savannah

Hawkinsville is 158 miles from the Savannah Metropolitan Area and the Port of Savannah–the largest single¬†container terminal¬†in the U.S. ¬†Click here to learn more about the Port of Savannah.

Hawkinsville, Georgia


The Port of Brunswick

Hawkinsville is 152 miles to Brunswick, Georgia and the Port of Brunswick.


Georgia is one of the nation’s major trucking hubs.  Motor freight service is provided to every county in Georgia. Approximately 25,000 interstate carriers have the authority to operate through Georgia. Hawkinsville is served by 3 interstate and 22 inter-innerstate motor freight carriers.

Motor Freight Carriers Service Hawkinsville Summary

Pilot Transport Company Hawkinsville: 478-783-0707 AAA Cooper Transport Macon: 478-781-1055 Rates based on volume Consolidation Freight Way Macon: 478-781-5650 Rates based on volume ANL Carriers Cordele: 229-273-3003 Rates based on volume Truck Load Lumber Train: 400-342-1286 Rates based on volume

Quality of Life

Hawkinsville and Pulaski county is a unique and growing area perfect for raising families and thriving businesses. It boasts historic charm and also fosters economic development.  The climate is great for experiencing all the seasons. The average summer temperature ranges from 78 degrees to 95 degrees. Average winter temperature ranges from 41 degrees to 55 degrees.

Our community features plenty of recreational areas and amenities to fill your free time.  Visit the Hawkinsville & Pulaski County Recreation Page to learn more.