City Commissioners

Front Row (L-R): City Manager Sara Myers and City Clerk Jessica Davies
Back Row (L-R): City Attorney Jim Elliott, Commissioner Tate Mashburn, Commissioner Laney Griffin, Commissioner Bernice Banks, Commissioner Shelly Berryhill and Commissioner Ken Clark

About Us

The city commissioners serve as the governing body of the City; they set policies and rules by which the City is operated, including establishing City goals and target issues, as well as setting City tax rates…ensuring the future of the City of Hawkinsville.

Regular Meeting Information

Regular Meetings of the Hawkinsville City Commission take place on the First Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the City Hall Conference Room.

Agendas for Regular Meetings are prepared 3-5 days prior to the meeting and are posted on the Bulletin Board at City Hall. All issues for inclusion on the agenda must be in Clerk’s office one (1) week prior. For special issues presented by citizens or groups, notification must be provided to the Clerk one (1) week prior and must give the purpose and person/persons speaking for group.

Called Meetings can be called by the Commission Chairman or two (2) Commissioners, posted 24 hours prior. The called meeting must have a stated purpose and no other issues can be discussed.