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Sara Myers, City Manager
Dianna Clark-Carney, City Clerk

96 Broad Street
P.O. Box 120
Hawkinsville, GA 31036
Phone 478-892-3240
Fax 478-783-1699

The City Commissioners sets policy for the City and the City Manager executes those policy decisions and leads the City organization by overseeing the administration of City departments. The City Manager advises the Board on operational and financial matters, services and other issues, and submits an annual operating and capital budget for the Board’s consideration.

City of Hawkinsville Occupational Tax

Business Licenses

Every person, before engaging in, prosecuting or carrying on any trade, business, occupation or profession (including exhibiting any show or performance) in the city, shall register their names, business, calling, trade or profession, annually on or before the first day of March, or such other times as the board of commissioners may by resolution from time to time direct. Persons coming into the city after such date in the year may also register and pay for such licenses.

All licenses shall be paid in advance, the full one-year tax if purchased prior to July first, and a one-half-year tax if purchased on or after July first; provided, however, all distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages and taxicab licenses shall be for a full year, expiring one (1) year after date of issuance.

No person may obtain a business license granting the right to do business in this city without first paying all taxes, assessments, charges or accounts of any nature due to the city. Before issuance of a license to do business the city clerk shall first determine that the applicant has paid all taxes and charges due the city as a condition to the issuance of same.

No license issued by the city clerk shall be valid until signed by the chairman of the board of commissioners. The city clerk shall keep in a book a record of all licenses issued. No license shall be issued for a lesser period than one (1) year. Each license is valid and good only to the person to whom issued and shall not be transferred without the consent of the board of commissioners.

To view the City of Hawkinsville’s full ordinance on licensing please visit Municode.

Licenses Fees

NOTE: Full time employees are ALL individuals who work a 40-hour week. Hours of part-time employees are added together and divided by 40 to determine the number of full-time employees.

# of Employees Occupational Tax # of Employees Occupational Tax
1 $60.00 26 $517.20
2 $80.00 27 $533.40
3 $100.00 28 $549.60
4 $120.00 29 $565.80
5 $140.00 30 $582.00
6 $160.00 31 $596.58
7 $180.00 32 $611.16
8 $200.00 33 $625.74
9 $220.00 34 $640.32
10 $240.00 35 $654.90
11 $258.00 36 $669.48
12 $276.00 37 $684.06
13 $294.00 38 $698.64
14 $312.00 39 $713.22
15 $330.00 40 $727.80
16 $348.00 41 $735.09
17 $366.00 42 $742.38
18 $384.00 43 $749.67
19 $402.00 44 $756.96
20 $420.00 45 $764.25
21 $436.20 46 $771.54
22 $452.40 47 $778.83
23 $468.60 48 $786.12
24 $484.80 49 $793.41
25 $501.00 50 $800.00
  • Amounts include a $40.00 administrative fee
  • Maximum amount due is $800.00


City of Hawkinsville Alcoholic Beverage License

Alcoholic Beverage License

  • No alcoholic beverage license shall be granted to any person unless the person is twenty-one (21) years of age prior to filing an application for the license.
  • When contrary to the public interest and welfare, no alcoholic beverage license shall be issued by the city to:
  • Any person as determined by the city, by reason of such person’s business experience, financial standing, trade associations, record of arrest, or reputation in any community in which he has resided, who is not likely to maintain the operation for which he is seeking a license in conformity with federal, state and local laws.
  • Any person who has been convicted under any federal, state or local law of any felony involving moral turpitude.
  • Any person who has been convicted under any federal, state or local law of any felony, not involving moral turpitude, within ten (10) years next preceding the filing of application for such license.
  • Any person convicted under any federal, state, or local law of a misdemeanor, particularly, but not limited to, those involving retail liquor licenses, gambling, or tax law violations, if such conviction tends to indicate that the applicant will not maintain the operation for which he is seeking a license in conformity with federal, state or local laws.
  • No retail license required by this division shall be granted to any person if such person retains for the operation of the license establishment an employee who has been convicted of a felony.
  • No license for the sale of alcoholic beverages shall be granted to any person who has had any license issued under the law enforcement powers of the city previously revoked within two (2) years prior to the filing of the application.
  • A license application may be denied to any applicant for any alcoholic beverage license where it appears that the application is intended to be a mere surrogate for a person or persons who would not otherwise qualify for a license for any reason whatsoever.
  • No license for the sale of alcoholic beverages shall be granted to any person when the location for which the license is sought has had a license revoked within the last twelve (12) months.


Please visit Municode to read the complete ordinance on alcoholic beverage licensing.